With the recent news that women are facing the highest unemployment rate in 23 years, ITV's Daybreak ran a feature yesterday morning enlisting the help and expertise of Channel 4’s 'Fairy Jobmother' Hayley Taylor. (We’re fans of Hayley – she recently presented Amanda Edwards from Monmouth with the coveted Working Mum of the Year Award, sponsored by Pitman Training.)

During the Daybreak show, Hayley offered a range of ideas and advice on the steps you can take to bring periods of unemployment to an end. The show featured three women faced with tackling typical issues when seeking work, attending interviews and working on their CV's.

For those of us who were still slumbering or out with the dog at 06:46am, we have provided a link to Daybreak on the ITV player below; Hayley features around the 39 minute mark.

The Daybreak show was an example of how quickly common myths can be dispelled with the right advice. Hayley cut straight to the chase; she gave each applicant some valuable CV tips engineered for their experience and skill set. Within minutes the applicants found new energy for their job search, revitalising their confidence.

At Pitman Training many people benefit greatly from similar free CV and jobseekers advice. Not only is their CV given a real boost through the addition a prestigious diploma or certificate, but they also benefit from tailored advice. It’s one reason why Hayley Taylor has supported Pitman Training this past year.

To discover if Hayley’s advice hits the mark, why not follow the progress of the three women on Daybreak? You can also find top tips for a great CV in our Advice Centre.

Best of luck to you!