Shorthand Workshop

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This particular workshop is held at our Pitman Training Maidstone centre only as part of their Shorthand modules. During the seminar, you will practice your shorthand reading and writing skills with the assistance and support of a qualified shorthand tutor.

 The seminar is appropriate for students who are currently completing either a Teeline or Pitman 2000 shorthand course including refresher courses. There are four 2-hour workshops for the Pitman 2000 & Teeline shorthand courses and two 2-hour workshops for refresher shorthand courses. The workshops are designed to assist students with their course, as Shorthand can sometimes be a challenge to learn.

The aim is to bring together shorthand students of different levels, or who are doing different shorthand systems, in an informal environment to have some individual time with a qualified shorthand tutor to discuss any needs/any problem areas. There is also an opportunity for group discussion and additional exercises, as well as tips and advice on achieving learning goals.

To take part in this seminar workshop you must be currently enrolled on a shorthand course at our Pitman Training Centre in Maidstone.

The workshops comprise;

  • General discussion on shorthand
  • Advice on how to practice the skill of writing shorthand
  • Tips and tricks on how to develop your speed in writing
  • Shorthand passages to read and transcribe (these may be single sentences for beginners to passages of shorthand)
  • Dictation practice (usually for those who have completed the theory and are looking to increase their shorthand speed)
  • Dictation of simple sentences that cover a particular area of the theory currently being covered
  • Help with ways to learn the skill of shorthand
  • Additional vocabulary
  • Help with phrases and short forms (Pitman) or groupings and special outlines (Teeline).

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