Update concerning COVID-19 – Distance Learning (home study) courses are still available. Find out more about distance learning at Pitman Training

Update concerning COVID-19 – Distance Learning (home study) courses are still available. Find out more about distance learning at Pitman Training

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The Many Hats of an Entrepreneur

From book-keeping to marketing, project management to customer service skills – running your own business is a job like no other.


How important are office perks?

There’s no question that doing what you enjoy makes for a happier, healthier and more satisfying career.


Top Tips to Avoid the Pre and Post-Holiday Stress

It’s the two weeks that we look forward to all year. Your time to completely step back and switch off from the daily routine, but all too often the thought of the lead up to your holiday and what will be waiting for you when you arrive back, can dampen the brightest holiday spirit.


Why University isn’t Always the Answer

For any young person or student; trying to choose a career path and any subsequent route in further education can be a confusing and stressful time.


Let’s get Social

Look closely at your social media activity. Are you even on social media? It’s not just about Twitter – LinkedIn and Facebook are brilliant ways to interact and immerse yourself in your profession.


Prioritised Learning – Not just for Kids

What are your learning priorities? Do you even consider learning to be a priority?


How important is your CPD?

How important is continuing professional development (CPD) to you? How important is it to your employer?


Give yourself a Quarterly Career Check

Can you believe we are already a quarter of the way through the year? To say time has flown, is a bit of an understatement. Looking back on the New Year career plans and goals you put in place, how on track do you feel you actually are?


Taking Control of your Career by Dissecting It

Do you find that, despite the constant demands and intensity of your role, there is sometimes little consideration for the training which is needed to support and enhance you with what you are tasked to carry out?


Could you be your own boss in 2015?

It’s safe to say the majority of us are now in full swing, back to work and preparing ourselves for the year which lies ahead.


A new breed of Marketeers

Would you class yourself as a Marketeer? No?! Well maybe you should! With recent economic struggles and rapid advances in technology, roles across the majority of industry sectors have changed massively...

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