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How to prepare for the perfect interview

Whether you’re new to job hunting or you’re a well-practised interviewee, thorough research and effective preparation is essential to guarantee interview success.


The steps to becoming a marketing professional

Marketing professionals are the creative lifeblood that keeps businesses going. Not only do they build brand awareness, they also increase sales, engage customers and grow brand loyalty.


The Art Of Productive Procrastination

Procrastination. To most people, that is laziness in its purest form, essentially putting off important things to do. In fact, many people feel guilty for procrastinating, yet they still continuously do it.


The top 5 Excel functions to make work easier

Learning how to use Microsoft Excel with Pitman Training gives you the skills to make work easier and shows employers that you've taken one of the best Excel courses available.


How to become a software developer without a degree

At Pitman, students have access to an extensive range of career-focused training programmes to help enhance their practical skills and industry expertise.


Why Microsoft Office Skills Are Important For Job-Seekers

It stands to reason that having a good grip of the major applications of Microsoft Office will put you in good stead when it comes to securing employment.


The Importance of Having a Routine When Studying

A great routine is the key to being successful when taking an adult education course.


Reboot your career with Pitman Training’s IT support courses

At Pitman Training, we offer a range of courses to help students of all abilities get their foot in the door and get to grips with the fast-paced and rewarding world of IT support.


The impact of physical attendance in a training centre

At Pitman Training, studying in one of our training centres is perfect for helping students utilise all areas of learning.


How To Go From ‘Busy’ to ‘Productive’ - A Quick Guide

Looking to accomplish more tasks in less time and evolve your workflow? Check our guide on going from ‘busy’ to 'productive.’


Harnessing heritage - How Pitman Training has helped students thrive since 1870

Since Sir Isaac Pitman invented shorthand in 1837 and established the first Pitman school in 1870, Pitman Training has enjoyed an unrivalled reputation as an elite training provider for over 180 years. Labelled by Sir Winston Churchill as, “Without equal in the whole world, equipped as it is with every improvement which thought and science can suggest, for the training of students in commercial life,” it’s clear Pitman’s remarkable service to students hasn’t gone unnoticed over the years. Here are some cool facts you may not know about us.


Managing your study and work life balance

The importance of study and continuous development should not be ignored in this ever-changing job market.

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