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Pitman Head Office and the team in Moscow rooting for success in the World Cup!

Over the last few weeks the global spotlight has been upon Russia. The worlds largest nation has drawn wide acclaim for its professional hosting of a remarkable 21st FIFA World Cup event.


Much to do about Motivation

In this blog we have steps that will increase productivity and motivation throughout the working day/week. Take a look and see if any of them can be implemented into your routine!...


Is Shorthand Getting the Short Straw?

From times dating as far back as 63BC, Marcus Tullius Cicero, thinker of all things meaningful and philosophical, revolutionised the way that notes were taken during political Roman debates.


Moves into Management

Written by Claire Lister, Managing Director of Pitman Training Group. This article originally featured in Executive Secretary Magazine...


For Arguments Sake – Why playing devil’s advocate could help your career

Read on to find out how this role could help you in your career. This article was written by Claire Lister, Managing Director of Pitman Training Group and it originally featured in Executive Secretary Magazine.


GUEST BLOG: The Art of Communication

Our final blog celebrating Admin Professionals Week 2018 comes from Heather Baker, author and trainer. She discusses the art of communication in more detail...


GUEST BLOG: Minute Taking and Speedwriting

Our penultimate guest blog comes from Hilary Dooley and she talks about the skills of minute taking and speedwriting...


GUEST BLOG: Email - Efficient Mail, Effective Mail or Elephant Mail?

This guest blog has been written by Microsoft Office trainer, Andy Hogg and is part of our series of blogs celebrating Admin Professionals Week 2018...


GUEST BLOG: Touch Typing

This guest blog has been written by Hanna Craig who works in the Pitman Training High Holborn centre and trains students on the invaluable skill of touch typing...


GUEST BLOG: A is for Assertiveness

This Guest Blog is from Lindsay Taylor of Your Excellency, specialist administrative trainer...


Make Good Use Of Today

This blog by Claire Lister, Pitman Training Group Managing Director, focuses on a few easy to implement suggestions on ways we can up productivity...


GUEST BLOG: Finding Confidence Through Your Clothes In The Workplace

Anna Mewes is global entrepreneur, personal stylist, and founder of The Style Lounge. She talks about how to find confidence through your clothes in the workplace, as part of Pitman Training’s International Women’s Day programme.

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