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Alison Goodwin, is the Founder of Your Future Self and prior to this was professional recruiter with 25 years industry experience – Alison now offers Teen Life Coaching and The World of Work Workshops to GenZ clients…

In this article, Alison shares her thoughts around GenZ entering the workplace and explores what can we learn from them...

Generation Z is the post-millennial generation and loosely defined as those born after 1995. This new generation of workers, are predicted to make up 24% of the global workforce by 2020* and they have their own ideas about society, education and the workplace.

Raised during a period of technological evolution it has allowed GenZ the freedom to learn at the touch of a button and become globally aware. If you imagine a group of individuals that are open minded, connected to those around them and able to accept change, then you have described Gen Z perfectly, but how do they fit in society today and what impact are they having on it? As a company who work with Gen Z clients on a one-to-one basis we see first-hand the struggles and challenges they go through as they become more behaviourally and culturally aware.

Let’s face it, being a young adult today can be tough and many are looking for change, inspiration and growth but often don’t yet have the tools or know where to look. We offer them guidance and support when they transition into the workplace or further study. As a professional recruiter with 25 years industry experience, I saw time and time again people feeling stuck in a career path they weren’t happy in. I believe that having some professional guidance and input early on could save young people from making mistakes that could ripple throughout their working life.

That is why I set up Your Future Self (, to help young people age 12-21 to transition into young adults by helping them to build solid foundations for their future, using proven strategies to help them map their goals in all areas of life. Our mission is to make career advice accessible early in life so that our next generation is inspired to do more and to be more. Due to increasing education costs many GenZ’s are no longer choosing the traditional further education model preferring instead to make an impact in other ways whether that be e-study, taking a year off, volunteering or going straight into work.   They are doing it on their terms and teaching us that with self-belief, a desire to learn and unbreakable spirit they are ready to make an impact now.

For a start Gen Z are far more independent than millennials. They’re confident and self-guided, comfortable with motivating themselves. More than any other generation before them, they’re confident in their ability to figure things out on their own. Generation Z is probably going to take things like diversity and inclusivity for granted. They see the power of using their voices to provoke change and they are not afraid to use them. To a degree this will apply in the workplace too. They expect flexibility in terms of work location and hours, they want progression but also stability as they’ve seen the impact of the recession on Millennials. They are tech-savvy and quick with it. They are confident in business, maybe their own or a side-hustle and it’s these entrepreneurial skills that an employer should be nurturing.

In regards the recruitment of Gen Z specifically, we look at their personal values and see if they are a good fit for an organisation. Gen Z want to be valued, they want to contribute, and they want to feel a sense of personal fulfilment and achievement. In terms of delivering this, organisations can look at several options including mentoring schemes, buddy systems, volunteering in the community or allowing them to develop through school programmes.

Are you getting all you can out of your job?
Gen Z has taught us that change is good and society is evolving, you no longer have to stay in a career because it’s comfortable and safe.

Historically employees would stay in a career they felt no passion for because they feared change, the money was good or even simply down to loyalty. That tide is changing, and people are now stepping into their best version of themselves. 

What can we learn from Gen Z?
We can learn from their approach to life and look inwards - if you are in a career and unfulfilled there is always another option. It is becoming increasingly important these days, to be in career that is not just there to pay the bills but it’s important that it motivates you and you are passionate about it and you feel that you can make an impact. It’s about having the right job - one in which you can see clear career progression. It’s not always about the skill you have now, but identifying what skills you need to acquire to move forward. To do this, it is important you undertake a complete ‘job review’.

Analyse your skills…
How often do you analyse your skills and ask yourself what do you do well? What skills have you acquired outside of work and what skills do you use in the workplace? Evidence of learning and development is key for employers in today’s society and key for employees when looking for work.

Plan Goals…
We advise clients to plan their career, future and work with them to achieve their goals whether that be internally or externally. Simple steps such as setting goals, these can include getting your CV up to date, researching companies you want to work for, compiling references and even looking at increasing skills through workshops and training that will enable you to progress. 

Training, Coaching and Development…
GenZ has taught us that training and development is now the new norm. We work with employers who increasingly want to invest in training and coaching for staff. We look at how employers can improve their employee engagement and if that involves creating a collaborative team-based environment or the introduction of a mentor or buddy.

It could involve looking at different learning opportunities or redesigning career paths (sometimes lateral) for those who show promise. Employers are starting to recognise that coaching GenZ now gives them a strategic advantage in attracting and nurturing the next generation of managers and leaders who will have improved communication, productivity and self-confidence and that this model can be applied to those not in the Gen Z demographic too.

Whatever happens it’s clear that GenZ are poised to step up in their own unique way… and we need to follow suit.


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