A Premium A-Z Executive PA Masterclass Seminar

This Executive PA Masterclass seminar is a one-day workshop created and led by Lindsay Taylor of Your Excellency. Over the course of the day, you'll focus and hone the strategies and skills required to work enhance your PA career to a higher level. 


This seminar is available in our Manchester and London High Holborn centres and is brought to you in conjunction with its creator, Lindsay Taylor of Your Excellency Ltd. 

If you’re short on time and need to gain top Executive PA skills, this two day tutor-led course is for you. You’ll learn all the soft skills you’ll need to work with the most high level positions.

The masterclass workshop is designed to provide participants with the skills and expertise needed to be recognised as a valued member of the management team.

With an emphasis on leading-edge thinking, participants will be introduced to techniques and strategies to ensure communication with impact, objective achievement and contribution to the overall success of the team.

Many previous PA clients have gained recognition and promotion to more senior positions within their organisations as they implement and put into practice their new skills and commercial awareness.

Benefits at a glance

You'll learn how to: 

- Communicate with impact and assertiveness to ensure your voice is valued in your management team;

- Identify and achieve personal and organisational objectives;

- Prioritise your workload to ensure you work effectively and efficiently;

- Learn the art of influencing and dealing with challenging behaviours in your organisation;


- Implement leading-edge thinking and strategies to excel in your role.


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