Microsoft Outlook Workshop

With this Microsoft Outlook workshop you will learn techniques and skills to helpget your inbox to zero and keep it that way. It is a one-day seminar that is run by our Newcastle training centre. 


Outlook: Get your inbox to zero and keep it that way!

The objective of this seminar is simple - it is designed to give you and your employees time-saving techniques to ensure that you get the most out of Microsoft Outlook. 

You will cover the following in this session: 

    • Know how to keep control of your inbox and get your emails down to zero!
    • Understand and effectively use tasks. 
    • Have an effective calendar that works for you. 
    • Know how to manage your contacts and link them to task and calendar entries. 
    • Have the knowledge to gain at least 1 hour in your working day - guaranteed!
    • Manage your emails with our unique FATCAT process. 

This is a one-day, tutor-led session. The seminar can be run at our Newcastle training centre or we can arrange to conduct the session at your business premises if that better suits your requirements.

You will work on your own emails while being trained, therefore applying the learning immediately! 

To find out more or book your place get in touch by email today. 



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