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How to be your authentic self at work 
Gina Battye, World Renowned LGBT+ Identity Coach and Inclusion Consultant,  encourages employees to remove the masks they may be wearing, and encourage more people to be their authentic selves at work.

Feel happy, energetic, confident and motivated 
Laura Warren, 2018 Working Mum of the Year SuperAchiever
provides tips and advice to make mums feel happy, energetic, confident and motivated. How to find time and motivation for physical well-being.

The differences in communication between male and females 
Gail Charlton, Head of Product Development at Pitman Training Group, delivers a webinar which looks at the differences in communication styles between male and female persons in the workplace.

Comprehensive LinkedIn Masterclass 
Social Media Guru, Jennifer Corcoran delivers a comprehensive masterclass covering all aspects of using LinkedIn to supercharge your online presence.

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