Avinash has got his dream job as a Paralegal

Avinash has just completed his Paralegal Diploma with Pitman Training Reading. He studied Law at University, but found it very difficult to get a foot hold in the legal world. He started off doing administrative work which had no job security and was not helping him to meet his career goals but now he is working for a Reading based legal firm.

Avinash saw the sign outside and looked up Pitman online. He was initially interested in the Legal Secretary training and then found out that he could train as a Paralegal. This was just what he needed. There was a mixture of learning about working in a range of legal environments, such as doing conveyancing, medical work and in the courts and he could also the practical skills he would need.

While training he worked to tight deadlines but could work flexibly at home and in the centre.

“It has been really great that I can keep my e-books to refer to and I have been able to make lots of notes and really learning it all in detail. The centre is very clean and comfortable to work in and the staff respond quickly”.

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