Diane Hanson would never hesitate in recommending any of the Pitman Training courses

Diploma Studied Executive Personal Assistant (PA) Diploma Course Category PA Courses

"After bringing up my three daughters and various part time jobs over the over 24 years. I needed a new challenge; it was time to retrain, as I felt I was good at a lot of things but not very good and any one thing.

I thought about doing a degree in Radiography, but after enquiring, found that would take me 4 years and an awful lots of expense and student debt.

While discussing this with a friend, she told me that whatever direction I decided to take, I would need computer skills in Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and more. Having no IT skills at all, this was very daunting for me, until another friend recommended Pitman Training in Canterbury, as she had done some training at Pitman, she suggested I contact Dawn the Centre Manager and discuss my fears and see what options I had.

The first step was my turning point, however, after a lengthy discussion with Dawn, then weighing up the time and cost that the Executive PA course would take me, I decided it was for me as it covers such a wide variety of courses and all the Microsoft Office courses. Even though it’s been quite a slow process for me, I can learn at my own pace without the old style class room problems. I really enjoy coming into the centre each day and, I get a great deal of satisfaction and pride when I pass each exam and gain my certificates.

I have not even finished my diploma and already been offered a job and I am sure I will be confident in the work that I will be undertaking.  It will be all thanks Dawn at Pitman Training. I would never hesitate in recommending any of the Pitman Training courses and style of learning to friends, family and anyone who needs to get the skills and qualifications to improve their lives and prospects, your new direction and life starts here!"

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