Pitman Training has led the way for growth in development and efficiency within the workplace since 1837 – when Sir Isaac Pitman invented Shorthand. Since then the business has developed to incorporate modern technologies and advances. Keeping true to the heritage of the brand, the key focus is to arm our students with the skills they need to get the jobs that they want.

All our Courses and Diplomas at Pitman Training have been developed to give you practical hands-on experience, so that you can put your skills in to practice, as soon as you’ve completed the course. With courses, seminars and diplomas designed for specific careers, and workplace requirements, we’re sure there’s an option to suit you.

Why choose a Pitman Training course?

  • Pitman Training is one of the most highly respected training providers in the UK
  • All our courses are CPD-accredited, a well-recognised certification that is favoured by employers.
  • Our Pitman Training centres are available all year long so you can access a course whenever you need.
  • All our courses are available online, so you can improve your office skills from the comfort of your home.
  • Whether it is full-time or part-time, with a Pitman Training course you learn at a pace that suits you.
  • Regardless of your choice to study in-centre or online, the support of our course advisors, is always available to you.

Get Started in 4 Easy Steps


Step 1: Apply with Amazon Career Choice

Within Career Choice, follow the steps for getting started. Choose your program and select “Pitman Training” as your institution.


Step 2: Choose Your Start Date

Coordinate with a Pitman Training course advisor on a start date that’s suitable for you. With our continuous enrolment, it’s never too late to start!


Step 3: Submit Your Voucher to Pitman

Submit your voucher to Pitman Training by filling out our Enrolment form, or by speaking with a Pitman Training course advisor.


Step 4: Begin Your Training

All of our courses and diplomas can be accessed via myPitman, our online learning platform where you’ll have one point of access for all your learning.