Update concerning COVID-19 – Distance Learning (home study) courses are still available. Find out more about distance learning at Pitman Training

Update concerning COVID-19 – Distance Learning (home study) courses are still available. Find out more about distance learning at Pitman Training

Legal Secretary Courses & Diploma

Employers seeking professional legal administrators understand the value of having certified, practical skills, and our Legal Secretarial training offers students a great opportunity to gain practical hands-on experience.

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Gaining specialist secretarial skills, which focus on the Legal sector, can lead to a rewarding and prosperous career, opening doors to legal secretarial roles.

Employers looking to hire legal secretaries, not only look for relevant certifications in the legal field, but also a good grounding in office based skills, including proficiency in Microsoft Office, meetings and minutes and effective business and documents production. Being able to showcase a broad range of skills, including the specialist legal areas will certainly help to make you stand out in front of employers.

Across the legal world there are different sectors which a practice could focus on, such as Company Law, Family Law or Wills & Probate, amongst many more. All sectors use specialist terminology and processes, and it's essential to gain a thorough understanding of these.

As you continue your journey, working in a legal secretarial role, you will also find requirements to keep up to date with CPD. All of our Pitman Training courses are CPD accredited, and we have a range of courses which will help to bolster your efficiencies as a Legal Secretary, including a full range of paralegal training courses and speedwriting courses which will ensure you don't miss a word!

Our range of Legal Secretarial courses starts from a general introduction into the role of the legal secretary, and progresses through to six specialist options to choose from, which focus on some of the most common legal sectors. As always, you can study at a centre near you or, if you need more flexibility in when and where you study, you could choose to study your legal secretary courses online.

Whether you're a newly-experienced secretary or you've been in the role for a while, becoming a Legal Secretary is within your reach. Our Legal Secretarial courses are designed to give you the specialist knowledge and understanding that is required to work within the legal profession or the legal department of a large company. With your legal secretary diploma training you'll be able to confidently display your sector specific skills, with a broad understanding of various aspects of the law, including terminology, the court system and legal personnel.

We can also offer online Legal Secretarial training, as our courses can be done either online or within one of our handy local centres. See below for the full range of Legal Secretarial courses we offer at Pitman Training.

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