After research by Sodexo Engage revealed that only 12% of people are happy with their job, Pitman Train-ing has committed to helping the nation fall back in love with their work lives.

Launching their ‘Love Work Life’ campaign on Valentine’s Day, which will run throughout the year, Pitman Training has developed a dedicated area of their website to help inspire and encourage people of Yorkshire to develop their careers into something that will make them happy. Alongside free advice from local success coach and best-selling author, Emma Stirk, on how to motivate yourself for change, and ad-vice on how to ‘Have a strong voice in the workplace’ from Yorkshire based Ex-Apprentice star Claire Young, is a fun interactive quiz at www.pitman-training.com/loveworklife.

‘Career Animal’, is a quiz created by Pitman Training to help us identify what drives us at work and cate-gorises us based on our motivations.

Group MD of Pitman Training Claire Lister said: “We were so disheartened with the findings of Sodexo Engage’s research that we wanted to bring the issue of unhappiness at work up for wider discussion. We want to help people identify what it is that’s making them unhappy, so they can move on from this and change their situation. Our ‘Career Animal’ quiz helps people identify what drives them and motivates their career and we hope that by helping people understand this, we can help them fall back in love with their careers”.

The career animals range from Peacock, to Giraffe, to Ostrich to Bear, all with distinctive qualities in terms of characteristics and motivations at work.

Pitman Training has launched a new area of their website to focus specifically on helping people find their ‘career mojo’. The Love Work Life section at https://www.pitman-training.com/loveworklife/ will be a free resource that is added to throughout the year. Content from Apprentice star Claire Young has been developed to help people find their confidence at work, alongside advice from Emma Stirk, a published author and success coach, on how to focus on self-development and motivate ourselves for change.

The research from Sodexo Engage illustrated that workers were particularly disengaged when it came to feeling a part of the company’s bigger picture. Only 23% of respondents felt as though their needs are considered in the workplace and just a fifth really understand their employers’ business goals.

Claire Lister added: “People not feeling connected to the aims of the business they work within is a big problem, and often it comes down to communication from the top down. However, often increased confidence that training brings means people can see how they could play a part in the development of the business and be excited about the bigger picture and that is incredibly powerful.”

Running throughout Valentine’s Day Pitman Training will be offering Facebook and Twitter followers unique prizes to help them ‘fall back in love with their work lives’. They are also encouraging their social network fans to share their own experiences of happiness at work using #loveworklife and all who do will be entered in a prize draws that include; free courses, career coaching sessions, multi vitamins boost, style consultation and Livescribe pen and notepad sets worth over £150 each!