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Your staff is your company’s greatest asset. Help your employees help you by investing in them.

Are You an Employer Looking for Cost-effective Training for Staff?

Staff Training allows your employees to reach their peak performance. It also allows them to stay up to speed with their skills. A well-supported employee gives back to your company in multiples. Training will create an efficient business with confident and top-performing employees. Pitman Training offers professional training so you can reach new business heights.


At Pitman Training, we offer over 200 courses and seminars. Our programmes cover a wide variety of training needs. This includes administrative support, management development, IT, and personal development options. Some centres have developed services that reflect the needs of their local clients. Thus, these centres offer corporate training courses.

Our training is high quality - the CPD Standards Office accredits all our courses. Additionally, we offer different programmes to suit your training needs. We can set up an organised programme to train your staff. If you prefer, we can create bespoke training programmes to serve your company's specific needs.

Please contact your local Pitman Training centre for more details. We would be happy to discuss how we can deliver training and development to meet your needs.

Training and Development We Offer:

In-company Learning and Development

  • Offered at varying Pitman Training centres. We will send our experienced tutors and course advisors to your premises. From there, they will deliver private and extensive Pitman Training courses. We’ll work with you to make sure the facilities and equipment are appropriate. Further, we’ll liaise with your HR team to ensure the course meets your evaluation criteria.

Off-site, Tutor-Led Staff Training

  • We offer comprehensive staff training in our centres, led by a professional tutor. Your staff can visit a local Pitman Training centre at a scheduled time. Then, our course tutors will lead them in the training. You can find our centres in convenient town and city centre locations. For training, we can open at hours to suit the requirements of you and your staff.

Supervised, Self-paced Learning and Development

  • For more independent training, we offer self-paced training. Your staff will visit the centre at either appointed or flexible times. During these times, we will supervise their learning during the training. We will provide you with a weekly report on their progress via email.

Leadership Training to Benefit the Whole Company

Pitman Training offers a comprehensive range of Employee Training Courses and Corporate Training Courses. These courses are well suited for organisations in all sectors.

Allow Pitman Training to organise a programme for your team members. We can also develop a bespoke staff training programme. Give us a call or contact your local Pitman Training centre today.

Staff Training Courses with Pitman Training

Employee Training and Development

Focused, well-trained and well-skilled people are more motivated - adding value and contributing to the success of your department and growth of your organisation

Group Training Courses

We can work with you to produce a bespoke learning plan for your team.

Staff Touch Typing Courses

Find out more about our Productivity Booster Programme which gives you a full ROI report to see the impact of professional touch typing training

Pitman Training Course Enquiry

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Why train with us?

Whether you are looking to upskill existing staff, train new employees or bring services in house, our flexible training enables them to learn from home or study at any location, using our market-leading combination of audio guides, workbooks and live software.

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180 Years

Our heritage and longevity as the leading, British training provider, has enabled us to provide vocational training since 1837.

80+ Centres

With over 80 local training centres in the UK, Ireland and internationally, we help thousands of people advance in their career each year.

250+ Courses

We offer over 250+ self-paced, flexible training courses, which you can start at any time, to ensure you can find training to suit your lifestyle.

1M+ Completions

Our unique training, based on practical activity using live software, has helped our students successfully complete over one million courses.

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Ways to study

In Centre

Our local centres offer training course advice and career guidance in central locations across the UK for you to study and obtain support.

Distance Training

Don’t live near a centre, and need an online training courses to work around your life? Log in to our Pitman Campus to study and learn from home!


In centre, at home, at work or on the move, Pitman Training lets you connect to your training wherever and whenever best suits you.

With 80+ global training centres, you’re never too far from advancing in your career.

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Your Courses Fees and Payment Options


Options to pay upfront, on a flexible payment plan* or seek local funding in your area. * Full T&Cs apply

Company Funded

Payment arrangements can be set up with your finance department.

Corporate Accounts

We can tailor a training programme for your staff and offer flexible payment options.

0% Finance

You can choose to pay monthly using our 0%* finance payment plan. * Full T&Cs apply

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