Update concerning COVID-19 – Distance Learning (home study) courses are still available. Find out more about distance learning at Pitman Training

Update concerning COVID-19 – Distance Learning (home study) courses are still available. Find out more about distance learning at Pitman Training

Payroll Courses

Managing and processing a business’s payroll is an important task, and it’s vital that those handling the payroll have a full understanding and knowledge of the processes involved.

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Pitman Training's Payroll courses are designed to teach the theory behind the practicalities of running a business's company payroll.

Whether it's a small team of 3 or a multinational corporation, the basic principles of payroll are the same. The larger the business, the bigger the remit, and therefore the higher the pressure. But with Pitman Training's unique, practical learning methods, our Sage 50 Payroll courses will build your confidence to effectively manage Payroll, no matter the scale. You'll also be able to put these skills into practice, as you learn them, using live software to enhance your learning experience, and assist in providing skills which transfer into the workplace with immediate effect.

Our payroll courses are suitable for all levels. You can choose to study a single course such as the Sage 50 Payroll course or our Payroll Principles course or our Payroll Award, depending on which best suits your needs. Gaining an accreditation that employers recognise can help prove you're ready to move up the career ladder. There are a number of roles including a Payroll Clerk, Office Manager, HR (Human Resources), Personal Assistant and Accounts Assistant, who may be responsible for processing Payroll.

If you're a beginner wanting to learn how to run the business payroll from scratch or to manage the business's payroll, we'd recommend you start with learning all the principles and practices of how a manual payroll is run, then progressing to understanding how to run a computerised payroll.

If you're already an experienced Payroll Clerk with knowledge of manual payroll, the online payroll course, Sage Payroll, is available to study using our online distance learning portal, making it extremely flexible to study payroll courses online.

You may decide that you'd like to learn the whole lot in one go; manual and computerised payroll, and if so, we have just the Award for you! Our Payroll Award will teach you both processes and will also provide you with vital Microsoft Excel skills, which is every finance assistant's favourite piece of software! 

We can also offer online Payroll training, as our courses can be done either online or within one of our handy local centres. See below for the full range of Payroll courses we offer at Pitman Training.

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