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Our Photoshop Courses will help you get the skills required to retouch images and create amazing designs for companies and marketing collateral!

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Used by many creative professionals, including graphic designers and web designers, Adobe Photoshop is the most popular professional designer software package used in the creative industry, enabling users to edit, manipulate and transform images.

Studying a Photoshop course with Pitman Training provides you with a great opportunity to master the essential skills required to pursue a career as a graphic designer or web designer, or similar roles in the creative industry. You will have the flexibility to study at your own pace in your own time, and gain a certificate which is widely recognised amongst the professionals in the industry.

Possessing skills required to edit, resize and retouch images is highly sought after in the field of marketing and business. In a world where everyone's working roles often overlap, and resources can be low, having the ability to create images for social media use, or update images on your companies' website are becoming essential. Pitman's Photoshop Training courses will give you the ability to use Photoshop and its features to create amazing and creative marketing material and logos too.

All of our training is CPD accredited, which will also help you gain CPD points, which are recognised by many employers.

Learning how to use Photoshop will help to increase your creative prospects. Pitman Training offer a number of Photoshop courses, including Photoshop CC, Photoshop CS 5 and Photoshop Elements. All our training uses live Adobe Photoshop software to give you a solid working knowledge of the programme and its' capabilities. Adobe Photoshop and its suite of design based software programmes are an industry standard for design and marketing roles across the globe.

By the end of our Photoshop courses, you will be able to work with layers, convert images and refine images. You'll also learn how to create photo collages which are great if you are involved with building or updating website content.

Our Photoshop courses are part of our flexible learning promise, which means you can study from anywhere if you're looking for online Photoshop courses, using our online platform the Pitman Campus.

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Learning skills in essential Adobe packages such as InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator, you’ll learn practical, transferable skills that can help you start your career in Graphic Design.

Web design is more in demand than ever and many companies now prefer to have in-house team members with web design skills, than outsourcing to agencies. This has opened up many doors to jobs in this field, across a wide range of sectors.

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