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Distance learning has become more and more popular in the UK, as people are keen to progress their careers and try to fit training into their busy lives. Pitman Training Distance Learning gives you the flexibility to study online at home or from the office, but still retain the full support of our in-centre teams. This way it’s even easier for you to pick up and put down your course, and fit it into your life.

We appreciate that it isn’t always easy to get to a centre, but we don’t want that to stop you from learning new skills! With our distance learning courses you get the best of both worlds. Unlike any other online or distance learning training provider, Pitman Training has a national network of local Course Advisors, who will support you throughout your learning.

All of our course and Diploma range can be accessed via our Pitman Campus - our online learning portal. So whether you're looking at doing a course to top-up a specific skillset or you're studying a career-changing Diploma, you'll have one point of access for all your training. 


How it works

Online Distance Learning simply means that rather than doing your course in a Pitman Training Centre, you log on from home or work. It’s just like learning in a centre - except you’re not physically there! Your Course Advisor will give you your login information and you can then go away and work your way through the course(s) as you would do in a centre, but at a time and place to suit you. 

There is no need to purchase additional software materials or programmes to study, everything you need is on the Pitman Campus ready for you to pick up and get going. 

You still get all the learning materials to help you along the way when carrying out distance learning and you’ll have regular contact with our team who will make sure you’re on track. 

You’ll just need to need to pop into your nearest Pitman Training centre to take the exam (for most courses) but we’ll make this as convenient as possible. 

We hope this opens up new doors for you to develop your skills and look forward to helping you gain The Pitman Advantage from the comfort of your home or office.

Don't forget - if you'd prefer a dedicated study environment, you still have the option to study in one of our training centres. Or, you could combine the two and study some parts of your course online at home and come into one of our centres for other session. We call this combination a Blended Learning approach.  

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Ways to study

In Centre

Local centres offering course advice and career guidance are on hand in central locations for you to study and obtain support.

Distance Training

Don’t live near a centre, or need your training to work around your life? Log in to our Pitman Campus and study online.


In centre, at home, at work or on the move, Pitman Training lets you connect to your training wherever and whenever best suits you.

With over 100+ global training centres, you’re never too far from advancing in your career.

Why train with us?

Whether you want to improve your career prospects, gain that promotion or get back to work, our flexible training enables you to learn from any location, using our market leading combination of audio guides, workbooks and live software.

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Our heritage and longevity as the leading, British training provider, has enabled us to provide vocational training since 1837.

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With over 100 local training centres in Ireland and further afield, we help over 30,000 people advance in their career each year.

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We offer over 250+ self-paced, flexible courses, which you can start at any time, to ensure you can find training to suit your lifestyle.

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Because our unique training is based on practical activity using live software, we uphold a pass rate of 98% for our Diploma range.

I was able to work at the times that suited me and my training fitted in around my life, rather than me trying to fit my life around the training. 

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