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Regaining That Lost Motivation

Have you had trouble regaining lost motivation? Here are some great tips to help get you back on track.


Applauding Super People for SuperAchievers

We want to reward those that succeed in their daily lives and celebrate them. This is why we launched our annual SuperAchievers a few years ago.


A New Working Routine for the New Year

Do you want to reinvent your working self this New Year? Read this blog and pick up some points on how to achieve this. Success in 2019 is only a few changes away.


How to Get Organised in 2019

This month we have asked a group of amazing ladies, female entrepreneurs and business leaders from across the country for their top tips, advice, best apps… on how to get organised in 2019…


A Jack of All Trades

Written by Claire Lister, Managing Director of Pitman Training Group. A smaller version of this article originally featured in Executive Secretary Magazine...


GUEST BLOG: There is no such thing as a Work Life Balance!

With the evolution in technology the world has become a lot smaller, and faster. We can get access to anything almost immediately, and so our expectations of instant gratification have significantly increased.


Developing Self-Discipline

Written by Claire Lister, Managing Director of Pitman Training Group. This article originally featured in Executive Secretary Magazine...


Wellbeing in the Workplace

Read on to see how you can improve your wellbeing in the workplace!


Revision: A Creative Field-Day

Read on to find out how to make revision fun!


GUEST BLOG: It’s Time to Unwind

In this blog, Jo looks at the realities our holidays often bring and how we can ensure we enjoy every single minute of our time off from the minute we clocked off!


Pitman Head Office and the team in Moscow rooting for success in the World Cup!

Over the last few weeks the global spotlight has been upon Russia. The worlds largest nation has drawn wide acclaim for its professional hosting of a remarkable 21st FIFA World Cup event.


Much to do about Motivation

In this blog we have steps that will increase productivity and motivation throughout the working day/week. Take a look and see if any of them can be implemented into your routine!...

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