Want To Get the Most Out of Someone? Do They Have More Potential?

There are so many reasons why our employee training courses are chosen for someone:

  • You need them to have more skills
  • You need them to improve their existing skills
  • You need them to refresh their skills due to a career break, maternity or paternity leave
  • You want to support them in a promotion
  • You need to develop a new starter who has just entered the world of work

We will help them to gain confidence in their abilities and develop the skills they need to support you and your business.

Remember, when someone is well-trained and well-skilled they are more motivated – adding value and contributing to the success of your department and growth of your organisation

Flexible and Work-Focused Employee Training

Unlike traditional colleges, the Pitman Training approach to learning means that you can start whenever you’re ready and fit your study times around work or family ties. We offer online, onsite and centre training options. 

The Benefits for an Easy Win

  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Increase employee retention and satisfaction
  • Flexible training methods so employees remain present at the workplace for longer
  • Highly practical and relevant training that can be completed 75% faster than traditional training
  • Industry Standard Certification from Microsoft, Cisco, AAT, CompTIA etc.
  • Access to our online learning platform, helping students study – on the move, and in the workplace to complement our in-centre training

We Have the Uk’s Most Flexible Training to Suit Your Business!

  • FLEXIBLE TIMES – You and your staff set your own training times: fulltime, part-time or flexible hours each week
  • FLEXIBLE LOCATIONS – Train at one of our state of the art training centres, or from the office or at home
  • FLEXIBLE TRAINING – All courses are customisable, and with over 250 courses, we’ll always have the best option for you and your team
  • FLEXIBLE QUALIFICATIONS – All our courses are fully-certified and qualify for CPD points
  • FLEXIBLE IN EVERY WAY – The modern employee and workplace requires flexibility, that’s why companies love Pitman Training in Ireland

For flexible and work-focused employee training, contact your local Pitman Training Centre now to discuss what we can do to help you, your business and your employees!