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5 Valuable Skills That Will Help You Land Your Dream Job

Regardless of what industry you’re working in, employers look for a desirable set of general skills.

Top 10 Tips for Home Learning Success

We’ve put together 10 handy tips to help maximise your chance of home study success.

The Pitman View on... Building Self-Confidence

Feeling anxious about a new professional challenge is natural, and a lot more common than you might guess.

Let's Talk Communication Skills

Read on for top tips on both verbal and non-verbal communication...

Business Social Media Hints and Tips

Letting people know you’re there can be difficult for businesses, but social media offers a fantastic route to market. Here are a few hints to get you started (don't forget we've some fantastic social media training courses!!)

Physical Well-Being - FREE Webinar

2018 Working Mum of the Year SuperAchiever provides tips and advice to make mums feel happy, energetic, confident and motivated.

How to Avoid Burnout - FREE Webinar

Maria Surcel, Marketing Manager for Tempo delivers her top tips for avoiding burnout in the workplace.

Typing tips

Here's a graphic to help you with your keyboard skills. Increase your touch-typing speed and accuracy.

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