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Becoming your own Boss

It needs to be understood that self-confidence is essential when becoming your own boss.

Boost Morale and Reap the Business Benefits

It’s well documented that happy employees are generally more productive and have a positive impact on the success, sustainability and profitability of the company.

How to Use Upskilling to Progress in Your Career

Our top tips for helping you to choose your development route

How to be your Authentic Self at Work

In this webinar, Gina talks about how to 'be your authentic self at work' as part of Pitman Training's #PressForProgress campaign.

Equal Does Not Mean Identical - FREE Webinar with Gail Charlton

Gail Charlton, Head of Product Development at Pitman Training Group, delivers a webinar which looks at the differences in communication styles between male and female persons in the workplace.

Top Tips for Being Successful in a Job Interview

5 Valuable Skills That Will Help You Land Your Dream Job

Regardless of what industry you’re working in, employers look for a desirable set of general skills.

Interview: Maria Divilekova

Group Assistant, Research and Learning UK, BBC

Top Tips for Lifelong Learning

As huge advocates of lifelong learning, we believe it’s essential, whatever your position, to continue to develop your skills. Whether you’re looking to move on, or keep progressing in your existing role, standing still is not an option these days.

Job Seeking Skills Guide

It seems job seekers have had the same list of critical skills to brush up on for decades - things like careful follow-up, attention to grammar and punctuation, and great listening abilities. But in today’s overcrowded job market and with the ever-increasing pressures on hiring managers, job applicants have had to hone their skills for success.

New year, new you – preparing yourself for a fresh start in 2021

Gaining skills through an adult education program can give you the best possible chance of a fresh start in 2021.

Ultimate Linkedin Guide

There’s no better place to connect with business professionals or to find jobs to apply to than on LinkedIn. With three people being hired through LinkedIn every minute, it’s now more important than ever to make sure you are ready to apply to jobs with a profile that stands out.

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