We all occasionally have this feeling – that there just isn’t enough time in the day to get through everything that desperately needs doing. Time management is an extremely hard skill to master and we’d go as far to say that no one ever really does. Even if you’re the most organised person on the planet, time management can still become an issue. Not just because of last minute changes that can impact you, but also the sheer amount that has to be done in today’s working climate. Juggling life and work seems like a daunting, never ending cycle that can sometimes be a burden on a person’s mental ability, despite work-life balance being a hot topic in recent times. However, there are steps you can take to help conquer those small time management issues so fear not! These steps are an assured way to help get over those concerns quickly and efficiently. Trust us, they’re tried and tested!



Make yourself a schedule and stick to it while working to the best of your ability. Getting into the habit of a routine will make things easier to visualise and complete while forcing you to stick within the bounds of set times. Time management is a lot easier to deal with when you can see how much time should be dedicated to each task.

Prioritise your tasks

Learning how to order things will ensure that you get the most important things done first despite the amount of tasks you’re doing. Many find that they’re more productive in the morning, so plan your day around the time you’re most likely to get more done. Creating good routines and focusing on clearing the most imperative tasks at a time you’re at your best will help to clear the mental ‘clutter’ so things don’t play on your mind for too long.

Don’t forget deadlines

Set deadlines for yourself and stick to them. There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of timed pressure every now and then. It can help to hone your focus and attention if you know you have to complete your tasks by a certain time.

Make time for the inevitable distractions

There’s no doubt that distractions are a huge part of an employee’s working day and there’s little way of getting round that so it’s something you’ll need to factor in to your day. Though sometimes frustrating, distractions can be a good thing as it allows you to refresh your mind over a chat or laughs with colleagues, all helping to build a great team and happy working environment. It’s not about getting rid of distractions completely, instead, limit the time you account for these distractions so you can work round them. If you really need to focus on a task, can you work in a different office or schedule a work from home day? If you’re in an open plan office it can be quite a distracting environment, can you put headphones on or put a sign on your chair/desk letting people know you’re focussing on something right now.

Don’t forget to delegate

If you need help, ask and delegate if need be. If you have too much on your plate to deal with and don’t know how to shorten your jobs list, maybe try and ask somebody else to help with the smaller, tasks. Maybe you could sit with them and work through what’s outstanding on your list to see what they could pitch in and help with, they might come up with some time saving ideas!

Away with Procrastination

Avoid procrastination – this process doesn’t help anyone in working situations. It only adds to the stress of managing your time because the longer you leave it, the longer the looming cloud of tasks lingers over your head, adding to the strains you’re already facing. Get your head down and get it done!


Make use of the time management apps available on electronic devices. These applications are invaluable when it comes to sorting out your time management as they’re clever, reliable and easy to use. All you have to do is input a few bits of information about yourself, your job, and the tasks you should be doing and most apps are ready to go. For example, some leave you locked out of your phone, forcing you to focus and takes any distractions away from your eye line.


Stop multitasking! Don’t get us wrong it’s a valuable skill to possess but, sometimes multitasking can make you your own worst enemy. Juggling multiple tasks at once can stop the flow of work and actually hinder productivity. If you really need to concentrate on a task put everything else to one side and give that your full attention.

Learn to Say No

Getting stuck in and helping out when needed can help broaden experience and knowledge. There are times it pays to be the ‘go-to’ person that will help out where needed but, could you be compromising your own work in the process? Breaking the ‘yes’ habit can be daunting. The thought of saying no can make people feel awkward but it’s a vital one to learn. You must concentrate on making sure that you’re excelling in your own role first and foremost. Don’t take on someone else’s pressures and leave yourself struggling. When time seems to be slipping away from you, know when to say no.

The Nice Bit…

Don’t forget to reward yourself after managing your time effectively. If you accomplish everything that needed to be done and you have some time to spare (a rarity!), treat yourself. It’s vital to refresh the brain and give yourself some downtime. So read a book, treat yourself to your favourite food etc. The possibilities are endless!