Influencing Skills Seminar (Scotland)

This is a two-day seminar that can be run in any of our Scotland based centres. In this seminar you will learn techniques such as how to manage, coach, persuade and engage others, how to convey complex ideas clearly, how to ensure important messages stand out and how to influence with integrity to name just a few areas. 


This two-day seminar is held at our five Pitman Training Centres in Scotland.

It will help you develop charisma and communication skills to infuence decisions in the workplace. This workshop is for individuals who wish to make an impact and be remembered. Practical skills are covered and practised so that you can influence in meetings, with colleagues and customers in a way that develops your natural style.

During this seminar, you will learn how to;

  • Develop your personal charismatic style
  • Influence using verbal and non verbal communication
  • Get your message across as you mean it
  • Use questions to motivate, engage and inspire
  • Read other's communication to enhance yours
  • Improve your handling of sensitive and difficult issues
  • Make important messages stand out and help people remember them
  • Use influencing skills to manage, coach, sell, persuade and engage others
  • Understand the principles of effective and persuasive communication
  • Learn how to explain complex ideas in a way that helps understanding
  • Use persuasion skills to help develop other’s opinions
  • Influence with integrity
  • Influence people and groups.

The dates below show the start dates for the upcoming scheduled workshops. If there are no dates displayed, please contact either our Edinburgh or Glasgow training centre to find out when they might be running the next session!



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