Diploma Studied

After working in bar management for 20 years, Ian Reynolds’ career reached a standstill during the pandemic. So, he decided to refocus and use his furlough time constructively by taking Pitman Training’s Event Management Diploma.

“Going on furlough wasn’t ideal, but it allowed me to search for a course to upskill myself and change my career’s direction. I chose Pitman because it has an excellent reputation. I went to meet the team and, after a brief discussion, I was confident they were the right training providers for me. 

“Whilst taking the Event Management Diploma, I enjoyed learning all about the social media side of things. The courses were well structured and easy to follow. I also liked having the backup of going into the centre if I needed something explained to me. 

“The best thing about Pitman was having access to a learning coach. I flagged a bit in the middle of the course, but my learning coach motivated me to continue and complete my diploma. They always replied to my questions and were flexible with my training programme. Because of the extra training I’ve had at Pitman, I landed a job with a local hotel. If I ever need training again, I will be coming straight back to Pitman.”