Kalina Sabcheva: Success Story with Pitman Training UK
Kalina Sabcheva: Success Story with Pitman Training UK
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Kalina Sabcheva: A Pitman Training Success Story

Kalina Sabcheva, a professional with a background in teaching and team management at Argos, embarked on a journey of upskilling with Pitman Training. “I have a university degree from Bulgaria in teaching, and I was a team manager at Argos. I required a career change, which is why I chose Pitman.”

Hailing from Reading, Kalina opted for the Professional Development Diploma. Her learning experience with Pitman was nothing short of excellent, offering the flexibility of day, evening, and weekend study options, both in-centre and online. As Kalina attested, “The learning experience was excellent, and I appreciated the flexible study options.”

What she enjoyed most about studying with Pitman was the well-structured course and easily comprehensible modules, stating, “The course structure and the easy-to-understand modules were great!” Kalina also emphasized access to a Learning Coach was a significant benefit, reinforcing the value of personalized guidance in the learning process.

Kalina’s investment in training paid off as it enhanced her efficiency at work, aligning with her career, life, and confidence goals. Her advice to others considering training or learning is a resounding recommendation of Pitman Training: “Yes, I will recommend Pitman Training to my friends!”