Monideepa starts her new career off with help from Pitman Training
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Monideepa starts her new career off with help from Pitman Training

When Monideepa Day first came to us she was unsure about her employment prospects, but a meeting with Pitman Training was her first step to a new career.

When I first arrived from India, with my new husband, I was a bit apprehensive about what to expect,”

“I graduated from University with a BA Degree in General Studies, and had been working as a receptionist prior to my marriage”

Monideepa admits she was nervous about studying in a language, which, although proficient in, she’d had little chance to practise, especially in a business environment. Nevertheless with the support of Pitman Training she was determined to rise to the challenge.

Following a discussion with one of the consultants at Pitman Training she decided to study for a Business Skills Diploma.

The Pitman Training Business Skills Diploma is a recognised qualification in its field and, as it enabled me to gain the necessary office systems skills, it was easy to make the decision to proceed. Also the centre has a convenient town centre location, and is open Saturday morning as well as late two nights during the week. This made arranging study times very easy.”

At first, Monideepa found the course hard going and learning to touch type in particular:

It requires a lot of practise to achieve the necessary typing speed and maintaining your accuracy on documents and letters was hard for me at first!” confirms Monideepa.But she stuck at it and found that because you work individually at your own pace, you don’t feel pressurised in any way. “In fact, the staff at Pitman Training made me feel very welcome, and special

As her confidence grew and her skills increased, Pitman Training provided additional support in the form of work experience through their sister company, Future Recruitment.

“The job advertisement book in the training centre was a good source of vacancies and the Pitman Training tutors were great, helping me restructure my CV and providing invaluable practise in interview techniques.

Since enrolling at Pitman Training my confidence has grown significantly, and, with their encouragement, I started to apply for jobs, and have just completed a successful interview.