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Usman is happy with the content of PRINCE 2 FOUNDATION

Hi! My name is Usman Khawar. I am a senior software engineer and I have been developing mobile phone applications for last 7 years now. Few months ago, I decided to enhance my professional skills. So, I looked into different institutes. Fortunately, I came across Pitman Training which is a UK institute. I went for PRINCE 2 Foundation course. I completed this course at my own time. I am happy with the content and methodology of teaching from Pitman Training. The course had extensive lectures and explained each and everything in detail. The case studies were also very interesting and help me understand project management principles much better. With Prince 2 Foundation course I can now manage and approach projects in a more professional and systematic manner. My professional proficiency is enhanced to the international standards. I would recommend others to do this project management course for their professional advancement.

Usman Khawar (Freelancer, iOS Developer)