The AAT Salary Survey 2019 results are in!

14,286 respondents took part in the survey earlier this year to find out how much they earn.

Average Basic Salary By Job Level

  • Accounts/Finance Assistant: £19,500
  • Administrator: £19,500
  • Accounts/Finance Officer: £25,464
  • Team Leader/Supervisor: £27,000
  • Junior Manager: £28,560
  • Middle Manager: £34,000
  • Director/Senior Management: £43,000

77% of students agree that studying for the AAT accounting qualifications has increased their earning potential.

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More Salary and Bonus Insights for Accountants

  • Salaries are up between 6-8% in 2019 compared to 2017.
  • 33% of AAT members have received a 3-5% bonus of their overall salary.
  • In general, salaries and bonus paid increase with age and by the level of the role.
  • Salaries vary by region with London being the highest-paid location and the North East and Wales being the lowest.
  • There is still a gender bias with men earning 5% more than women.
  • Larger organisations have been offering better salaries as well as bonuses. Those employing between 1-10 employees could be paying staff 15% less than businesses who employ over 250 people.

Data excludes AAT Licensed Accountants who have a much higher earning potential. 

Average Basic Salary for Each Level of AAT Membership

  • Students – those studying accounting qualifications: £20,000
  • Affiliates – those who have completed the AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting: £23,500
  • MAATs – those who have achieved Accounting Diploma and are AAT full members: £28,000
  • FMAATs – those with at least five years of MAAT status: £37,200
  • AAT Licensed Accountants – MAATs and FMAATs who hold an AAT license so they can be self-employed providing accountancy and bookkeeping services: £54,000

The survey also highlighted the top company benefit preferences:

  1. Flexitime (58%)
  2. Private health care (51%)
  3. Paid time off to study (50%)

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