A survey released today, suggests that younger workers may be suffering from too much ‘Britishness’ as they hide their talents under a bushel whilst their more mature colleagues shout about their successes from the rooftops, according to the UK’s leading training provider Pitman Training.

In response to these shocking statistics, Pitman Training are using social media channels to inspire people to #NominateNow on Random Acts of Kindness day – prompting colleagues to nominate their co-workers for the work that they do, in a bid to increase awareness of both recognition and self-achievement. Pitman SuperAchievers Awards launched 5 years ago to recognise those who often work the hardest, but go unrecognised in the shadows. The awards are seeking to really challenge the perception of career success, and set some goals for achievement across the Nation. Entry is free, and can be accessed online: http://superachievers.pitman-training.com/