In a fantastic accomplishment, Pitman Training has secured the #35 position in the Elite Franchise TOP 100 Awards for 2024. These awards spotlight outstanding franchises throughout the United Kingdom, and, in the dynamic landscape of tertiary education, Pitman Training emerged as a true trailblazer.

Today, we look at the reasons that helped Pitman Training reach this notable position and what it means to its current student body as well as anyone interested in pursuing upskilling or a career change. We’ll unravel the significance of this position and explore why Pitman Training’s recognition is a game-changer in the business world.

The Elite Franchise Top 100 Awards

Every year, the spotlight shines on the most exceptional franchises in the United Kingdom through the annual Elite Franchise TOP 100 Awards. Hosted by Elite Franchise Magazine, these awards celebrate the resilience, innovation, and success of franchises across the UK.

The Best of the Best

These awards hold significant weight in the business landscape and symbolise excellence, innovation, and commitment within the franchising sector. The rigorous evaluation process considers various criteria, including longevity, network size, growth, contribution to the community, and future plans.

How Did Pitman Training Get Here?

With roots tracing back to the renowned shorthand method developed by Sir Isaac Pitman in 1837, Pitman Training has a historical significance in the field of education.

Over the years, the brand expanded its offerings, incorporating a diverse range of courses to meet the evolving needs of learners. Over time, the brand’s global footprint began to take shape as it embraced technological advancements and adapted its programs to the digital era. Their expansion into franchising further fueled its mission to make high-quality education accessible to individuals worldwide.

As Pitman continued to grow, its duty to provide practical skills and real-world training remained unwavering.

Key Factors Leading to the #35 Ranking, And Why They Matter

Several factors contribute to Pitman Training’s stellar ranking, all of which benefit their students.

The first is longevity: Pitman Training is one of the oldest independent training providers on earth and that continues to evolve, ultimately benefiting students by shaping the future of education. The second is Pitman Training’s expansive network, signifying legitimacy and overwhelming support throughout the training provider’s network.

Pitman Training’s contributions to the community are another positive factor. The brand actively engages in initiatives that contribute to the welfare of the community. Their innovative approach to education also sets it apart. Embracing change, leveraging technology, and contributing to societal and environmental progress are not just criteria but integral aspects of Pitman Training’s ethos.

Finally, the brand’s future plans extend beyond the present is a very key factor in what makes the training provider a desirable spot for students looking to upskill or start a new career. Ambitious plans for further expansion, both within the UK and internationally, showcase a brand committed to staying ahead of industry trends and enhancing the experiences of learners.

Congrats Are in Order!

The news of securing the remarkable #35 position in the Elite Franchise TOP 100 Awards has ignited a wave of celebration at Pitman Training. Managing Director Paul Lewis, the driving force behind Pitman’s success, expressed his jubilation, stating, “Our recognition in the Elite Franchise TOP 100 Awards speaks volumes about the strength and vitality of our proven business model.” Lewis’s acknowledgement highlights the pride and satisfaction that permeates the entire Pitman team.

This award signifies a culmination of dedication, innovation, and commitment to success. Pitman Training’s reaction to this achievement reflects its deep-rooted passion for excellence in education.

Pitman Training’s Future

As Pitman Training celebrates the Elite Franchise TOP 100 Awards, the focus shifts towards the future, and the training provider sees this recognition as a catalyst for future opportunities and goals. The brand envisions leveraging this achievement to attract like-minded individuals eager to embark on a journey of franchise success, while training even more students to reach incredible heights in their own lives.