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Why is CPD so fundamental?

Do you encourage your staff to undertake regular CPD reviews? Read on to find out why it should be a top priority!

Interview: Nicola Penny

Assistant to Editors at This Morning and Loose Women at ITV.

Managing Your Inbox

The internal screams of frustration over the clutter of emails in your inbox after returning to work from the weekend are a hideous sight!

FREE LinkedIn Masterclass - How to Supercharge your online presence

Social Media Guru Jennifer Corcoran delivers a comprehensive masterclass covering all aspects of using LinkedIn to supercharge your online presence.

Interview: Sarah Tomkins

“I changed my mind”

Interview: Hattie Wrixon

Co founder of UNFM

Networking – Why and How

Networking could be one of the most valuable activities to benefit your career. Read on for the why and how!

Interview: Maria Divilekova

Group Assistant, Research and Learning UK, BBC

Top Tips for Lifelong Learning

As huge advocates of lifelong learning, we believe it’s essential, whatever your position, to continue to develop your skills. Whether you’re looking to move on, or keep progressing in your existing role, standing still is not an option these days.

Are you in the best position to take a role in one of the leading sectors of the next decade?

After a difficult year with redundancies and job losses happening around the globe, our adult learning courses are designed to help you forge ahead in your career. We’ve looked at industry and government data to collate a list of the sectors expected to lead the pack over the next decade so you can prepare yourself to be in the best possible position to take advantage of the job market. Whether you’ll want to upskill to achieve a promotion in your current industry or choose a change of profession completely, we’re here to help guide you to your perfect career.

Job Seeking Skills Guide

It seems job seekers have had the same list of critical skills to brush up on for decades - things like careful follow-up, attention to grammar and punctuation, and great listening abilities. But in today’s overcrowded job market and with the ever-increasing pressures on hiring managers, job applicants have had to hone their skills for success.

New year, new you – preparing yourself for a fresh start in 2021

Gaining skills through an adult education program can give you the best possible chance of a fresh start in 2021.

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