Here it is, the most nerve-wracking day in any teenager’s life (for those that didn’t choose the vocational route anyway) – A-Level results day. The story is always the same, the third Thursday in August has a certain aura surrounding it, a sense of looming that can either result in euphoria or dismay. You’ve probably spent countless nights awake or having strange dreams caused by anxiety or stress. Similarly, the walk up to your college or Sixth-Form becomes a stretch fit for a marathon, that is, until you’re holding the ominous paper envelope in your hands. Nervously clutching it, you can’t help thinking that this small bit of paper is the key to your future, either filled with success, or not. Either way, you’re depending on the small letters being correct, high enough to have options, whether that be university or a job. However, if your grades were not what you were expecting, here are some tips for creating a new Plan A:

  • Clearing: If you’re adamant about attending university, then going through clearing is always an option. No matter what, there will always be spaces available for you at universities different to your first choice. Go into the process with an open mind and believe in fate, whatever university you end up at is the one that you were supposed to go to!
  • Taking time out: If the results aren’t as you’d hoped, it might be a good idea to take some time out. Get yourself a part-time job, work and earn a little bit of pocket money over the year in preparation for your longer-term plans. Yes, of course you’ll be disappointed if you don’t get the grades you want or deserve but taking a year out will give you ample time to clear your head, save you from doing anything impulsive and also give you enough time to plan for your future.
  • Jobs: Never rule out the vocational route! Even if your grades aren’t good enough for university then don’t fret, there are many employment options available for school leavers. Whether it’s employment in the form of internships, apprenticeships or contracted part or full time jobs, there will be career openings that are suited to you and employers that will be willing to take you on. You can decide whether the job is purely for experience or whether you’d like to climb that particular career ladder. All hope isn’t lost!
  • Training: Again with the vocational route, another path into employment is by participating in practical training. Gain relevant experience and skills by enrolling in training that will prepare you for the world of employment. There are all sorts of training programmes out there: PA & Secretarial; Microsoft Office Courses; AAT & Online Bookkeeping Courses; Business Management; Social Media & Blogging; Graphic Design and Marketing. The opportunities out there are endless, regardless of the grades you have. Courses and diplomas like these are perfect for school leavers and definitely do not discriminate against A-Level results. Ultimately, employers will be impressed with the skills and achievements you’ve gained outside of school, making you the perfect candidate for their job openings. If you would like to know more about courses available and produced by Pitman Training, visit Our Courses.

Remember, A-Levels and the results you get aren’t the making and breaking of your whole world. There are countless opportunities available to you in terms of your career and further education so don’t be disheartened and the relieve some of the pressure on yourself… Good luck!