In the early days of Pitman Training, shorthand was the reason and motivation for why people came to us…. shorthand courses gave people a skill for life, ingraining the Pitman heritage into the very fabric of the modern office environment. If it wasn’t for the everyday person wanting to develop and grow their vocational skills, Pitman Training wouldn’t be where it is today; a highly respected and recognised international brand!

Fast forward to the present day and Pitman Training is dedicated to helping individuals build career-based office skills, helping ‘normal’ people achieve extraordinary things in their careers and beyond.

We want to reward those that succeed in their daily lives and celebrate them. This is why we launched our annual SuperAchievers a few years ago.

At Pitman Training, we believe in shouting about the good in people and praising them for the amazing things they’ve achieved over their lifetime and in their careers. In typical British style, modesty is often ingrained into our DNA, making it sometimes rare for people to give themselves and others credit. This is why we think the SuperAchievers Awards are an imperative trait of our brand; to help emphasise the great in people and to make them realise not only how far they’ve come, but the potential they have to go even further.

We pride ourselves on helping others and rewarding those that go above and beyond what is expected of them. We think that achievements that would otherwise go unheard of, deserve to be up there with the very best of accomplishments and truly shouted about! The judges that we acquire every year also know how important the SuperAchievers awards are not only to the brand, but those shortlisted and the winners. So, the judging process is rigorous and is taken very seriously – each judge dedicates their time to choose the right candidates to be shortlisted for their respective categories.

Take, for example, the working mum’s and dad’s categories. Although it’s fairly normal for parents to work while they have little ones these days, the feat is still great. They are every day superheroes! Whether you’re self-employed, working in the private or public sector, all while managing to juggle the responsibility of having small children and family life, the Working Mum and Dad of the Year categories could be for you! We recognise that you’ve got to have huge amounts of commitment to maintain a good balance between your home and work life, and we think that working parents simply don’t get enough credit. This is why we have awards dedicated to our extraordinary guardians- those that go above and beyond what is expected of them.

The same goes for the entrepreneurs that really want to make a difference. Starting a business is an extremely hard thing to do for anybody, and which is why we think it’s a vital category to showcase. People should be recognised for taking the plunge and achieving great business accolades from doing so. Not only do you have to be logical and extremely organised, you also have to be very creative and come up with original business ideas. To have all that responsibility on one person’s shoulders is something to be really proud about. Don’t be scared to shout about your achievements or imaginative business mind and enter now!

Similarly, our inspirational achiever category rewards those that go above and beyond the normal port of call. Whether you’ve faced hardship in the past few years and have gotten over the most extraordinary circumstances to achieve great things for yourself, for others or for your family, then you obviously deserve to be recognised! If you think you’ve done something really inspirational recently, then don’t be shy and put yourself forward.

As we’ve already mentioned, a big aspect of our brand is remembering where we came from and the heritage that we’ve built upon. This is why the PA of the Year award remains a vitally important award category for us as it reinforces the history that we have with our brand. We think that PAs do a magnificent job and their work sometimes goes under the radar, which is why we need to ensure that PAs get the recognition they deserve. There aren’t many opportunities for PAs to show off their achievements and this is why they’re at the heart of our SuperAchievers awards. So, if you’re a PA, VA, EA or just work in the secretarial sector, this may be your chance to be acknowledged for the great job you do! After all, Pitman Training wouldn’t be here without you.

Another group of people that ensure the Pitman name is upheld and respected, is our very own students! We simply couldn’t forget about the people that make all this possible, which is why we also like to reward our learners. Our centres send in their student recommendations, highlighting who has shone over the past year. Pitman students are obviously a major factor to our brand so that’s why we like to give back, saying thank you to everyone that puts their trust in us. So, if a student has achieved something particularly impressive, or surpassed any kind of obstacles to accomplish their course or diploma, then they deserve to be recognised for their efforts. SuperAchievers gives them this chance.

Lastly, an exciting new addition to SuperAchievers in 2019 is the Volunteer of the Year award. Volunteers are the unsung heroes of this world and don’t get nearly as much recognition as they should do. This is why we’ve decided to add this category, and with several members of the Pitman Training head office being passionate about giving up their free time to help others, it’s clear to see why volunteering is close to our hearts. No matter what you spend your free time volunteering for, whether it be for animals, the elderly, volunteering for institutions or volunteering for the good of people, this award has been designed to showcase and shows appreciation to those who actively invest their time in others and dedicate themselves to make a difference in their local communities. What better way to say thank you than to nominate these generous individuals!

As a whole, Pitman Training loves the SuperAchievers awards. It gives people a chance to showcase their accomplishments and no matter how big or small they may be, the awards give ordinary people a platform to show off their true every day talents, and what they’ve had to go through to get there.

So, don’t miss out on your chance to be recognised for your successes and enter by sending in your nominations today!