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Claire Lister, Managing Director of Pitman Training Group, is a regular writer for Executive Secretary Magazine. You can read her latest articles here:

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More about the author, Claire Lister is the Owner and MD of Pitman Training Group Ltd (, responsible for over 100 franchises worldwide. She is passionate about education and franchising and works within the business to ensure continual innovation.  This may be in terms of technological advances in the business to drive improved efficiencies, or in terms of moving the business into new market areas, both in terms of customer segments and geographical markets.  Claire is well respected across the franchise network and the Pitman team and is well known in the franchising market.

With a chartered accountancy background she has a very hands-on practical approach to business and an adept intuition to sense how the industry works. Realising the importance of brand control and development, Claire has enforced effective brand and business strategies, guidelines and systems to address any identifiable issues, expand in to new markets and continue enhancing the appeal and offering of the Pitman Training brand, ensuring opportunities for growth and profitability are maximised.   

Pitman is synonymous with PA and secretarial training, and continues to be the market leader in this field, delivering exceptional results for tens of thousands of students each year.  As well as all things secretarial, Pitman also provides office, IT, administration, finance and business skills training both in centre as well as supported on line through the Pitman Campus.

Claire’s drive is to see others succeed – be it the franchise partners, or the students themselves.  As Claire says “Our mission is focused on helping people achieve their employment goals, to provide them with more fulfilled futures.  This is what it’s all about and I love being a part of creating more successful businesses and individuals around the world with a truly global brand”.

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