Feeling anxious about a new professional challenge is natural. In fact, imposter syndrome, the creeping fear that others will discover you aren’t as smart, capable, or creative as they think you are, is a lot more common than you might guess.

However, following Pitman’s guide to feeling more confident at work will give you the tools to progress, and increase confidence within the workplace.

PMA: Positive mental attitude. First and foremost, you need to get over yourself. You have to accept and if you can, love all your good and bad points. That’s because people tend to be much more attractive, approachable and promotable if they’re honest about themselves. Following that, you have to realise that everyone has their flaws but it’s up to you to slash any negative talk that may be controlling your life. Once this has gone, a positive mind-set will take the reins and help you to learn and develop with much more ease.

Ease any anxieties and don’t hide anything that you feel strongly about. Any agitations or frustrations are likely to show up in your body. Being anxious or overwhelmed by what you have to do, or ignoring your own needs has to be dealt with at some point. Otherwise each little disappointment, frustration or set back can appear as a physical pain. And, when you feel that pain, whether it’s in the form of back, neck, shoulder or head pain, it usually means it’s time to look at the root of these issues. Change or speak about anything that’s causing distress and you’ll feel the weight lifting off your shoulders.


Improve work performance! It goes without saying that more often than not, you’re able to achieve more than you think you can. Even if you’ve never done a particular task before, and no-one can support you in doing it, then attempt to do it for yourself. It’s a wonderful feeling to raise your standards and show your work colleagues that you really can be counted upon. Simple things like replying to people’s emails quickly, returning their calls promptly, thanking them for their support, asking questions or delivering what you promised is going to make the work you’re doing much more pleasant.

Learn new skills and keep reading up on fresh information that you can then apply in your own work. Take a moment today to think of three things you could improve in your day-to-day tasks. And then do this consistently on a weekly basis.

Feel empowered in yourself. Make sure you look professional and smart in what you wear and how you present yourself. Taking pride in your appearance is a good way to get yourself noticed and it shows your colleagues how much you value yourself and your work. Similarly, feel better in yourself by exercising. The endorphins released by physical activity will make you feel happier, spurring you on to be the best you can be.

Invest in a professional training programme. Training is excellent for re-focusing and breaking old mind structures and patterns of thought. Plus it will boost your morale to new levels.

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