The Benefits - Why Invest in Training?

Achieve Business Goals and Targets

Why Invest in Training?

Over the years many businesses have seen increased staff satisfaction, success and productivity after completing Pitman Training Programmes.

Your Business Aims

  • Increase staff efficiency
  • Maximise business productivity
  • Enhance profit growth
  • Attribute an ROI to the training budget
  • Ensure staff loyalty

Your Team Goals

Here are a few ways that we can improve your team’s productivity:

  • Update their skills
  • Gain industry standard qualifications
  • Increase knowledge
  • Increase efficiency

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPD is now a fundamental element for professionals and employers alike. It encourages a structured and methodical route to learning, which enables key staff to be retained, and ensures they have the knowledge and capability to remain effective and competent in their role.

Our range of diplomas awards, courses and seminars are accredited by CPD and students receive a CPD certificate on completion.

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Why train with us?

Whether you are looking to upskill existing staff, train new employees or bring services in house, our flexible training enables them to learn from home or study at any location, using our market-leading combination of audio guides, workbooks and live software.

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180 Years

Our heritage and longevity as the leading, British training provider, has enabled us to provide vocational training since 1837.

80+ Centres

With over 80 local training centres in the UK, Ireland and internationally, we help thousands of people advance in their career each year.

250+ Courses

We offer over 250+ self-paced, flexible training courses, which you can start at any time, to ensure you can find training to suit your lifestyle.

1M+ Completions

Our unique training, based on practical activity using live software, has helped our students successfully complete over one million courses.