This is a one-day training workshop developed for business people without an accounting and finance background, the courses provide practical, straight talking training, packed with the essentials of how to manage business finance more effectively.

There are four sessions within this seminar:

Session One – Understanding the Income Statement Account and Statement of Financial Position: What is included in a Statement of Financial Position, What is included in an Income Statement Account, The differences between the above two financial statements. 

Session Two – Using Information from the Income Statement Account and Statement of Financial Position: How to interpret information from an Income Statement Account and Statement of Financial Position, Ratio Analysis, How to interpret using Ratio Analysis, How to use selected ratios to interpret information in financial statements, The limitations of ratio analysis.

Session Three – Controlling Cash: Why cash doesn’t equal profit, What they can do to ensure there is sufficient cash within the business. 

Session Four – Using Budgets to Manage Business Activity: How budgets help with day to day business management, How to interpret information in a budget. 

This seminar is generally run at our London centres. Get in touch for full detail of upcoming availability or to book your place. 

Upcoming Seminars

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