Touch Typing Workshop (2 days)

This is a two-day, tutor-led workshop designed to help you learn how to touch type both efficiently and accurately. The aim of this seminar is not only to increase your touch typing speed, but also to increase your productivity in the workplace. 


This two day touch typing workshop is perfect if you're short of time and need to learn how to type efficiently and correctly. You can join individually or, if you're a business looking to increase your teams touch typing efficiency, we can organise a group workshop.


In just two days, the experienced tutors at Pitman Training will take you through a range of exercises to ensure you can type as fast and as accurately as possible, without looking at your fingers or the keyboard. 



Throughout the two days, as well as learning how to type properly, you'll also cover key touch-typing skills such as learning the correct fingers to use for each letter of the alphabet, the strategies needed to build up your typing speed, how to sit properly when typing to help avoid RSI and back pain, how to get rid of your existing bad habits and how to practice once you return to your place of work or at home.


There are three key Aims and Objectives of this seminar. Firstly, that you notice an increased productivity thanks to your new touch typing skills. Secondly, you'll learn how to type without looking at your fingers or the keyboard. Finally, that this workshop will help you develop into a confident touch typist. 


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