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Learn Graphic Design, one of the most creative skills required in the marketing industry to help businesses look good and stand out.

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If you have a natural creative flair and are thinking about applying that to your career, becoming a Graphic Designer would be a great way to use your abilities.

Learning skills in essential Adobe packages with our InDesign CC courses, Photoshop courses or Illustrator, will help you get the transferable skills needed to start your career in Graphic Design.

Our Graphic Design courses enable you to master the most up to date creative industry software, and allowing you to explore the different elements which will enable you to create innovative designs for anything from websites to marketing materials both online and offline. The Graphic Design courses we offer enable you to study in your own time at your own pace, and upon completion of the course you will gain a certification which is widely recognised.

Whether you are looking to work as a Graphic Designer, Web Designer, or want to possess the skills to create and edit marketing materials, our graphic design training will show you how, step-by-step. Using live versions of Adobe software, you will be tasked with creating designs to enhance your learning and give you practical experience.

Our Graphic Design Courses will equip you with the full skillset required to design graphics for a number of different purposes, including marketing material, websites, social media graphics and internal graphics for offices or stores.

There are a number of courses you can choose, including online graphic design courses, which all align to graphic design career paths. We offer a number of alternative courses depending upon the specific area you wish to focus on, for example you can choose to study Dreamweaver, which will help you build a website using the software. Alternatively, you might be using your graphic design skills to integrate with a template based system such as WordPress, so our WordPress for Business course might be right for you.

You can also learn and study Pitman's online Graphic design courses from anywhere you choose by using our online learning platform the Pitman Campus, which will enable you to learn anywhere you have an internet connection.

Talk to one of our friendly course advisors, who can guide you through the graphic design course options, and help you to start learning today.

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Web design is more in demand than ever and many companies now prefer to have in-house team members with web design skills, than outsourcing to agencies. This has opened up many doors to jobs in this field, across a wide range of sectors.

Studying Photoshop will provide you with a great opportunity to master essential skills required to pursue a creative-led careers such as a graphic designer or web designer.

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