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Adrienne Richards: From Cafe assistant to Legal Conveyancing Secretary!

“I studied the Legal Secretarial diploma with Conveyancing, Criminal Law and Wills and Probate for my chosen subjects.  There was an Introduction to the Legal Secretary which was very informative and, the course included Effective Business Communication which I found very helpful and again this is a good one to be able to refer back to for ideas and information.

The whole of the course was enjoyable and as I received my grades it made me more confident with the thought of applying for a job as a legal secretary, knowing that ‘I can actually do this’!

Dawn the Centre Manager in Canterbury Pitman Training helped me with my curriculum vitae which has done wonders for me and, she was always there with support and encouragement, which is always good.

I am very happy that I received an overall Distinction for my Legal Secretary Diploma!
I was previously working as a café assistant, part time, while doing my diploma.  I have been away from secretarial work for 10 years and wanted to return to this kind of work.  I realised that the only way to get employers to notice me again was to retrain.  A friend mentioned and recommended Pitman Training to me and I went to find out what it was all about.  It is the best move I have ever made regarding qualifications.  The courses are so easy to follow and are explained very well.  I could go in to train when it suited me and in no time I had finished my course.  I would recommend Pitman Training to anyone who is seeking new qualifications to help get a new job.

I applied for a job at Furley Page solicitors as they were advertising for a legal secretary in conveyancing for their Whitstable office.  This was to be my third time lucky interview! I am smiling like a Cheshire cat!
At all of the interviews I was told how impressed they were with my recent qualifications and that my grades were impressive!

I also still have interviews being offered to me, so it is a good feeling that my CV and Pitman Training qualifications were obviously that good! Thank you!