Alaa Bari
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Alaa’ Bari’s Tech Success with Pitman Training

With an undeniable passion for coding, Alaa’ Bari had a natural aptitude as a software engineer in the tech industry. This passion led him to enrol at Pitman Training for the Advanced Software and Web Development Training Diploma.

One of the outstanding aspects that stood out to Alaa’ was the stimulating projects, stating, “The projects presented at Pitman Training were professionally challenging and pushing me to excel!” Alaa’ also emphasised the depth of the curriculum, adding, “The curriculum was exceptionally comprehensive, covering every facet of the software industry and equipping me with practical, real-life skills that have been instrumental in launching my career as a web developer.”

As for staff, Alaa’ highlighted his instructors, saying, “The instructors at Pitman Training were extremely knowledgeable and highly communicative, serving as wonderful mentors and true masters in their craft.”

Alaa’ expressed immense gratitude to the Pitman Training team for making his dream of entering the tech industry a reality. His success story exemplifies the quality of education and support provided by Pitman Training, empowering individuals like Alaa’ to pursue their passions and thrive in the ever-evolving field of tech.