Alexandra Hodgens gains confidence and optimism with her new AAT qualification
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Alexandra Hodgens was originally from Russia. When she came to the UK 5 years ago she didn’t speak any English and knew that finding a job was going to be near impossible. After studying an English course she spent a year looking for a job and was unable to find anything. 

Alexendra knew that she needed to upskill – she says, “I spent a long time looking online for various courses and colleges. We finally stumbled across Pitman Training Holborn. I had a chat with a course adviser and accountancy was agreed. The courses also looked extremely flexible, so I could work around family commitments. The AAT qualification looked to be something that would give me the foundation that I would require, as well as supporting me through further development if and when I managed to secure a job. 

I started in the training centre in Holborn and found that the centre and staff were very good indeed. All the coursework and equipment was first rate. Staff were there to help and answer questions and the computers were all equipped to run whatever software I needed. 

was directed through the first parts of the course and encouraged to take the examination. With obvious trepidation, I prepared and took each of the examination in turn, and was ecstatic to find that every exam I was taking I was passing. The course was for 1 year, but after 6 months I realised that I had passed every exam I had taken. I had achieved my AAT level 2 Certificate in accounting in six months. I then decided to take further courses and examinations around pc skills, advanced excel and computer skills and passed those too.

I was feeling very confident and starting applying again for jobs. In the meantime, I decided to look at commencing the next level of the AAT course. Within a month of looking for employment, I was offered an accounting role in the City of London for a litigation company. It was part time so game me the flexibility to look after my daughter, get well paid for working in a successful London based City firm, and continue to study for my accountancy qualifications through Pitman Training. 

Considering my journey started in the UK 5 years ago, the last year has brought me so much. The confidence I now have, and the optimism I now hold, I believe, is directly related to the choice to retrain in a clear career path. Pitman Training and the AAT Qualification have been instrumental to my educational growth, and I will continue to pursue their courses to fulfil my ambition to achieve the highest qualifications I can in the accounting profession.”