“My boss wanted to give me some book-keeping work, he thought it would be good for me to take a course for the basics. I searched online for training and found Pitman, I made the query and André rang. We had a good chat, then I came back with my decision and got started.

I chose Pitman because it was self-paced; I can’t go and sit in the classroom, as the timing wouldn’t work. Everything that you need is here, all the computers work, everything is clear, and step by step; I’m not a ‘reader person’ and I found that with the audio it is easier.

Staff were always there whenever I needed, all the staff were helpful whoever was here, and I took longer than I meant to complete the training but was still able to complete it.

Now, I’ve fully taken on the book-keeping duties at work. It’s been really helpful to learn the theory and practise here and then to practise at work as well. Everything needed is here, staff always here, supervision was here, and I also wanted to say thank you to André. I would definitely recommend you to a friend!”