Cynthia Wango Transforms Her Business Startup Career with Pitman Training
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Cynthia Wango Transforms Her Business Startup Career with Pitman Training

Cynthia Wango is a business owner who wanted to grow her small business by strategizing successfully and knowing which tools and skills to use. During a Google search, she came across Pitman Training and was blown away by the training offerings. She enrolled in the Business Startup Diploma program because it was just what she was looking for.

The courses were incredibly instructive, in-depth, and ready for her to implement in a real-life setting. She thoroughly enjoyed all of the courses in the Business Startup Diploma, particularly the flexible delivery approach that allowed her to work at her own speed and time.

She went on to say, “The courses were an eye opener to her, easy to internalize and apply to her business.” She has been altered by the training. She is incredibly thrilled and amazed by the way she sees and perceives things now.

Cynthia would always take her tests at the Centre and study for over an hour at home every day. She would rigorously adhere to our learning coach’s schedules and would always track her progression in accordance with the plan.

She was blown away by the help she received from our Pitman team. “The staff were very supportive and encouraging,” she added. A fantastic team. They are experts in their field.” She is particularly grateful for our learning coach’s regular check-ins, tracking of her progress, and availability anytime she had concerns or questions.

Pitman Training’s graduation celebration, shared by other alumni, left Cynthia in complete amazement. She was overjoyed for the occasion and felt quite proud of her accomplishments.