Dan Morgan’s Upskilling Success After Company Merger with Pitman UK
Dan Morgan’s Upskilling Success After Company Merger with Pitman UK

With a background in A Levels education and a career in various roles within the merchant sector, Dan Morgan embarked on his educational journey with Pitman Training when his employer, Generation Hire & Sales, merged with another company, Altrad. Because of this work development, Dan wanted to acquire new skills and techniques for career advancement and personal growth.

“The flexible study options with Pitman Training allowed me to balance my professional and personal commitments effectively,” Dan explains. He found the course structure to be particularly commendable, as it, “Broke down modules into manageable time frames, making it easier to stay focused and track my progress effectively.” Dan also appreciated the personalised support from his Learning Coach, mentioning, “Her encouragement and guidance were invaluable, especially during periods when I needed motivation.”

“The education I received from Pitman Training has undoubtedly had a positive impact on both my career and personal life,” Dan asserts. He acquired new skills and techniques to deal with various situations in the workplace, while also gaining the confidence to make meaningful contributions to his organisation and create a better working environment.

Overall, Dan expresses his gratitude to the entire team at Pitman Training for their support and guidance throughout his learning journey. After successfully completing the Professional Development Diploma course, Dan reflected on his experience by stating, “I must say, it was a transformative experience for me. Thank you for providing me with the tools and resources to achieve my professional development goals.”

Pitman Training is thrilled to congratulate Dan on completing the Professional Development Diploma course. Dan’s journey demonstrates the power of education and dedication. His decision to further his training following the merger of his workplace showcases his commitment to personal and professional growth.