Studied: Executive PA Diploma & Event Management Diploma 

“I started my Pitman Training Course back in June 2014 after working as an Admin Assistant at my current company and wanting to progress to the next level. I wanted to enhance my skills through official training which could stand me in good stead for new job opportunities within my company or even outside of it. The Diploma presented me with some challenges as I was studying remotely which can be hard when it comes to motivation and diligence. However I was so proud when my results started coming back positively and was even more pleased to learn if I elected to take certain modules going forward, I would gain an extra diploma in Event Management. 

I wanted to prove to myself as well as to my company that I could progress to the next level and become a fully-fledged PA working for a top director. Without the course, I think people took me less seriously and were less sure of what I was capable of. 

Now, I feel so much more confident. My peers look to me for advice and guidance whereas before I was seen as a more ‘junior’ member of the team. Having these new skills has made me a much better-rounded individual both personally and as an employee. 

Over the past year I have progressed to be an Executive PA within my company and now work for a director full-time who is fully supportive of my role and the skills that I can bring. My future looks bright as I am developing within the role and learning new things every day; I’m also discovering how I can make the position ‘my own’ which is really rewarding. 

I would say to anyone thinking of taking a Pitman’s Training Course that although you need to work hard and really drive your own success, it is extremely fulfilling and something you won’t regret. I have wanted to become a Personal Assistant for a long time and now I am one; I’m in no doubt that it is thanks to Pitman Training!”