Fiona finishes her Secretarial Diploma and moved to an admin career!
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Fiona has moved from her job at the supermarket into a Sales Administration role. She plans on coming back to study the Executive Get the Pitman Advantage Diploma with us next year! 

“I found out about Pitman Training when my Dad suggested it, he had heard of you and a lot of people he knew of got started by studying with Pitman. I’d pretty much decided to do it before I came in for the consultation. 

I chose to study with Pitman because it’s well-renowned and known for what I wanted to do. The consultation was really good, I was interested to find out about the modules and it helped to understand the course and extra bits. 

I prefer studying this way to a teacher; I can go at my own speed, repeat, go back at my own pace, and any time of day. It worked for me; I could always go back and start again.

The support I received was brilliant, everyone was really helpful. I even found out how to achieve a better grade and used the mock tests. Training here was really good, helpful, it’s boosted my confidence. Not just with Microsoft for skills like minute taking, but also assertiveness and good business practice. I write much nicer emails than my colleagues!”