Gemma Rice seeks to open new doors through training
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Gemma Rice seeks to open new doors through training

“Due to a significant move within my personal life, I had left my secure job of 11 years. I knew I needed to enhance my skill set as the in house skills I had obtained previously, would be difficult to transfer to a new job.

I had thought of book-keeping some years ago and had tried other courses, I found this way of learning really quite difficult as there was no one on hand to help if you needed it and the instructions received were not straight forward.

Once I had moved and started a new basic administration job, I wanted to give myself a better future, to open more doors of positions that could become available to me.

I searched on the internet and Pitman Training Canterbury was one of the first results that came up, so called for an appointment with the Canterbury branch. I’ve found the whole process to be great, from initial contact, Dawn the centre manager guided and talked me through the courses which helped me decide which course to take and throughout the course.

I decided on the Accounting Technician Diploma incorporating book-keeping, payroll, Sage and Excel, which I believe will open up more opportunities to me for a future career.

I think the way the course is set up is very user friendly and then working through the course itself was so step by step, help is always available, the audio is extremely thorough and the accompanying books are a great reference – especially as you can keep for future reference.

I have already been able to use the Excel skills learnt in my current job to which my manager has been impressed. I would highly recommend this course.

I was also helped with my CV and it now looks good with all my qualifications. I look forward to the future prospects my Accounting Technician Diploma will give me as I have now collected all my certificates and my diploma.”