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“When I first moved to London I had five years of experience with Vodafone back home, but when I started looking for a job in London I found that my skills were out of date and my English level was not suited for working in a corporate environment.

I have two children, and I knew that finding a suitable course would be tough, but then I found Pitman Training.

I desperately wanted to get back into work and continue my career, so I booked an appointment with one of the Course Advisors at Pitman Training in Holborn. I spent an hour with them and this was the most productive meeting I’ve ever had.

The Executive PA Diploma perfectly matched the skills I want to gain for my future employment, and the self-paced style of the course was just perfect.

All the staff were really impressive, helpful, warm and friendly, always proactive. I will never forget what they have done for me!

It was the best decision I have ever made to become a student there, and after a while I found a job as a Receptionist in a stunning new building in the City of London.

I guess that the skills I gained were noticed and after three months I was promoted to Head Receptionist at the main reception in the building. I have a dream job!”