Jane Kelly has a complete change of direction thanks to Pitman Training

After spending the last 30 years working in stressful HR positions, most of which were managerial, Jane Kelly finally decided it was time for a complete career change. 

Jane sought out Pitman Training, choosing the Medical Secretary Diploma in the hope of finding a new career in the medical sector. However, much to her amazement, things all fell into place a little faster than she’d anticipated. After just one month of studying with Pitman, Jane had already secured her first job as a secretary in a GP surgery.

“I started my diploma in January and by the end of February I had a medical secretary role in a small GP practice. Of course, I had a range of skills due to my time working in HR, but my employers were impressed that I had shown the initiative to invest in myself by taking the diploma,” explained Jane. “I’ve since moved on from my first secretarial role to work in a larger GP surgery. However, during both interviews, they have pointed out my diploma from Pitman – it clearly contributed to me securing the positions.” 

“When I initially got my job, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to complete my course with Pitman due to my new workload. However, the course’s flexibility meant I could finish my diploma at my own pace and in a location of my choice which was a real help.” 

Pitman Training is not only flexible on where you choose to work through the course content or how quickly you wish to complete it, but students also receive help from a learning coach. The learning coach’s role is to ensure that you receive all the support you need. It doesn’t matter if you choose to learn inside the centre or from the comfort of your home, your learning coach will be on hand to help you whenever you need it.

“I enjoyed my time with Pitman and was surprised by how good all the facilities and systems they provided were. I actually completed most of the course at the centre as I found the atmosphere and equipment conducive to my learning. The Pitman team at the centre were accommodating and always helped me whenever I needed them. My learning coach provided me with some beneficial guidance on managing the course. They were also always available to help either in person or via email when I was not at the centre. Having a learning coach when training online is very important because you are in danger of hitting a wall if something goes wrong. The learning coach gives you the extra support you need.

“Studying at Pitman has helped me with a fresh start. I’ve always been a confident person, but when starting a new job, no matter how much training you’ve done, you still won’t really know what to expect until you start. If I worked as a medical secretary until I retired, I still wouldn’t know everything because it’s such a massive field. But Pitman helped me get a foothold in the essential knowledge I needed to tackle the role with confidence, which has been an enormous help. It’s strange because I have been working in a GP surgery since February and feel comfortable in what I’m doing now, but I’ve still not had any patients sat down in my waiting room yet!

“I wish I’d changed career sooner. I realised that I’ve spent so much of my life working in a job I wasn’t completely happy in when I should’ve been doing something that I enjoyed. Although I’m not earning as much as I used to, I’m so much happier in myself and feel as if I’m doing something worthwhile. My advice to anyone would be that if one of the many Pitman courses appeal to you, definitely grab the opportunity to study.”

At Pitman we use the highest-quality technology to provide our students with the education they deserve. We are proactive in supporting your learning and pushing you towards achieving the diploma you want. If you’re interested in developing yourself personally or professionally in a supportive and flexible learning environment, get in contact with your local training centre.