Joseph’s Amazing Career Pivot with Pitman Training

For this entry, we want to introduce you to Joseph Leons, who embarked on a career change journey with Pitman Training’s Network Support Engineer Diploma with CompTIA. With a background in Electrical Engineering, Joseph sought a formal qualification to pivot his career path, building on his self-taught experience.

Joseph’s journey with Pitman Training began through the Amazon Career Choice programme, where he researched the best course to fulfil his career goals. He chose Pitman Training for its comprehensive curriculum and reputation for excellence and found the learning experience flexible and convenient.

“What I really liked about the course was how easy it was to follow with step-by-step instructions. Everything was explained in depth,” Joseph shared his experience with the course material. Joseph’s Learning Coach also provided crucial support, “She responded quickly to all my emails and requests. She always answered my questions and was very supportive,” he emphasised.

“The course material is explained very clearly, and Pitman Training support was always available. I’m really happy with everything,” he concluded. Joseph’s training has already started to bear fruit, as he has begun applying for jobs in his new field, driven by his desire to stay relevant and advance his career. We couldn’t be prouder of Joseph and look forward to helping many more students looking for a better life.